Independent Artist of the Week: Sig Nu Gris

September 23rd 2019

Image credit: Aneta Urbonaite

Through a singular track, Sig Nu Gris has sugar-coated our eardrums like Krispy Kremes thanks to her lushly buoyant and picturesque sounds worthy of any DF or down time.

Mixing club, experimental and hip hop influences like Mura Masa, Aphex Twin and DJ Premier, Melbourne via Canberra local Sig Nu Gris has set the bar high with her debut single ‘To Un-know’. An accomplished piece showing off her evident ability to conjure up a dreamscape, the track combines a sprawling sample loop with muted jungle vibes, quickly declaring hers as an exciting new voice on the landscape.

When working on music, personal reflection and experiences are a starting point for the sound designer. She also aims to “create something that will tickle the ears of other people and produce an interesting sonic or emotional experience,” she says.

“For my whole life I attribute some of the most interesting, and emotional experiences of mine to music. The power of every frequency in a song has always been super intense to me, I’ve always wanted to relay some of those spine-tingling emotional experiences onto other people.”

With a Purple Sneakers guest mix already in the bag and new music set for October, SNG isn’t giving too much else away for now. One thing is for sure though – the taste of what she’s already made is a super sweet starter for Sig Nu Gris.

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