Independent Artist Of The Week: Setec

May 22nd 2017

Joshua Gibbs is the man behind the intricate, softly building ‘Cotton Bones’ – a medley of delicate piano chords, percussion and layered vocals.

Released via artist collective Feral Media, the first single from Setec’s forthcoming album follows on from his debut LP ‘Brittle As Bones’ in 2014. ‘Cotton Bones’ showcases Gibbs’ masterfully chosen samples, large sweeping halls of reverb and shaky percussion to create a nostalgic, unique cosmos of sounds.

Citing the likes of Grizzly Bear, Björk, Shuttle358 and Shigeto as some of his early influences, Setec creates music that blends found sound percussion and looped guitar with layers of his own voice to create a mix of organic and electronic sounds. Treat your ears below:

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