Independent Artist Of The Week: Ptwiggs

November 6th 2017

Sydney producer Phoebe Twigg (aka Ptwiggs) creates expansive, deconstructed bass productions; swerving between the sensitive and the brutal in the blink of an eye.

Working with extended recording techniques, Twigg produces lustral, experimental club music as a form of catharsis. Her debut EP ‘Purge’ explores the eerie and unnerving, meticulously crafting each track whilst disregarding genre imposed boundaries.

The EP comes via forward-thinking local imprint Deep Seeded Records, and follows on from singles ‘Cry For Ikari’, ‘Hypno Game’ and ‘Clarity’. Exploring a whole spectrum of emotional themes –  ultra-violence, angelic release and everything between –  Ptwiggs’ ‘Purge’ is not for the faint of heart.

Wrap your ears around the divine chaos that is ‘YYYY’, below:


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