Independent Artist of the Week :: Okenyo

June 15th 2015

Photo credit: Romain  Duquesne

Okenyo’s soul-pop fusion has the poise of a goddess, and the beating heart of the human condition.

Her music is a masterful synthesis drawn from the mystical, the mythical, the personal, and everything in between.

Leading track ‘Just A Story’ is an evocative mix of cultural elements. The intro alone evokes rhythmic Middle Eastern string melodies, guided by Okenyo’s flawless soul harmonies with an almost Caribbean vocal inflection; before the track blossoms into a driving piece of neo-soul pop. It’s simultaneously assertive yet vulnerable, following a journey from confrontation to regret and a final cathartic release.

Okenyo’s mystique, combined with this sense of power within fragility, shows an upcoming talent that is hard to ignore.

Check out her SoundCloud here.

Photo credit: Romain Duquesne


WHAT :: Rare Finds #3
WHO :: Okenyo + Two Age + Sans Parents
WHEN :: Friday 26 June, 7:30pm
WHERE :: The Standard Bowl, Level 3, 383 Bourke St, Surry Hills
HOW MUCH :: FREE! More info here


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