Independent Artist Of The Week: Neighbourhood Void

March 27th 2017

Sydney trio Neighbourhood Void embellish their “filthy gutter-rock” sound with punchy, high-powered instrumentals and raw, outspoken lyrics.

Comprised of members Gio, Mikey and Charlie, the winsome triad have just released their debut album Childhood Trauma – a collection of “happy and crappy experiences” had during their adolescent years. It serves as a revealing reminder that we are all capable of shifting from our depressive states, completely unbound by our upbringing and past experiences. Hell – yeah.

The album also explores familial dysfunction, the effects drug use, and what it’s like to grow up in poverty. It’s all filtered through a distinctly Australian lens, with opening lines like this one from ‘7 Day Weekend’: “Spent my days drifting away on a goon sack and Rothie Blues”.

These bad boys are set to release another album/EP later this year via local label Dinosaur Records.


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