Independent Artist Of The Week: Negative Gears

February 11th 2019

Photo by Jon Mendo

Rising out of the chaos of another band’s eleventh-hour personnel reshuffle, it’s Negative Gears. ‘Urgent, melodic punk’ that’s producing sweet capital gains thanks to the group’s strong intent.

When things just fall into place, going with it is probs the best thing to do. For Sydney via Melbourne (but also, kinda Canberra if you wanna be super specific) band Sinkhead, a last minute bassist sub-in for a gig had the band quickly turn into Negative Gears. Born from the desire to do something different from what they were already doing, Julian (vox), Charlie (synths), Tom (bass), Jaccamo (drums) and Chris (guitar), are now onto making that ‘urgent, melodic feeling punk with some arty shit wiggled into it here and there,’ according to Julian.

With prolific experience writing and playing gigs across numerous bands, Julian says the quintet have recently “been living in the few remaining dens that let underground punk bands play,” like The Gaelic. But, most of the time, you’ll find them with their local counterparts at their studio in Marrickville either recording, mixing or having a drink – naturally.

So, to the good stuff: we’ve been treated to NG’s debut werks via their just-released, self-titled 12” EP (hot tip: a 7” is not too far behind, either). Have a listen to our fave ‘U.M.’, a sinister and unrelenting mood addressing the despicable acts carried out by the Catholic Church. It says it all, really.

Negative Gears is available at Repressed Records or on Bandcamp


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