Independent Artist Of The Week :: Mope City

February 17th 2015

Mope City

Mope City ain’t nothing to sulk about.

Through the soft drone of a dreary guitar leading a backdrop of sombre soundscapes to match, Sydney three piece, Mope City, are essentially our city’s answer to “downer pop”.

That’s how their third offering, the Halfway House EP, has been translated anyway, as its filler relies heavily on the dark, poised voice of Matt Neville narrating a rather thick body of sonic dwelling. This certainly isn’t something to pout about though, as the invitational despondency makes for a highly enjoyable listen.

Mope City’s Halfway House EP is available through Brisbane independent label Tenth Court, and can be digitally purchased for $3 via their Bandcamp. Also acting as their debut vinyl release, grab the band’s third EP on a limited run of wax for just eight bones.


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