Independent Artist of the Week: Milan Ring

February 19th 2018

Producing, engineering, singing, writing and heading up her own label: Milan Ring does it all. Now, the eclectic R&B fruits of her labour are coming into their own.

As a multi-instrumentalist obsessed with constructing idiosyncratic sounds, Milan Ring has really found her groove – first with 2017’s largely instrumental beat tape ‘Venus Fly Trap’ and now, with ‘Unbounded’, the Sydneysider’s first single of 2018.

Her latest track wasn’t always an intricate mix of piano led, jazz-tinged vocals, R&B harmonies and groovy percussion. ‘Unbounded’ stayed in acoustic form for ages, unedited and recorded straight onto Milan’s iPhone. The final version soars with layers that continue to unfold after each listen, exploring a relatable tug-of-war with oneself (shout outs anxiety and critical self-doubt). Of the track, Milan explains its basis in an energy that represents music and creativity: “When I have tapped into that energy, it truly feels as if there are no limitations… Unbounded, we can fly.”

Milan also heads up new collective MXMAY – a newly formed creative house producing music, fashion, art, poetry, design and film. Having independently released her own music through the label, she’s had a stellar start to the year. From an appearance at Melbourne’s Sugar Mountain festival, through to supporting Kardajala Kirridarra and Tokimonsta, Milan Ring is making serious moves for 2018.



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