Independent Artist of the Week: Laik Aífe

August 20th 2018

Photo by CAIT 

Pronounced lake ee-fa, Newtown’s Laik Aífe is responsible for electric indie folk that transports you to distant, cinematic scenery while remaining confrontingly present.

For Laik Aífe, aka Brit Sheahan, making music seemed always to be in her stars – she was dux of her music high school, and a two-time Conservatorium student. First time round, Con life didn’t gel so well with Sheahan, but some change-up time in London gave her the space and perspective she needed to return home and for a second dig.

Her life experience tour OS appears to have been fundamental to the growth of her confidence and songwriting. On the trio of singles she’s released, Sheahan artfully bares her soul with very few words, captivating listeners with her emotive vocals and transportive indie folk instrumentation.

‘Go Mad’, a bluesy country track overflowing with worry, fraught harmonica and wailing guitar, instantly takes you to the harsh bush and red dirt of the country. On ‘Mother’ (written under mentorship of Paul Mac btw), poignant guitar arpeggios and sparse keys deliver a vision of spectacular, mountainous pine forests while addressing the vulnerability of reaching outward for safety, instead of inward.

Laik Aífe’s debut LP drops in the next few but trust us – let her quietly draw you in and then knock you out with that rich soprano, and you won’t regret it.

WHO: Laik Aife
WHERE: Gasoline Pony
WHEN: Thursday August 30
WHERE: Newtown Hotel
WHEN: Friday August 31

Mother’ is available on Spotify.

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