Independent Artist of the Week: Karli White

September 24th 2018

Photo by Joanna Nilson 

Karli White’s moody dystopian sound blends goth, industrial, and new wave into peculiar dark pop songs

Karli White makes dark electronic music, drawing from new wave, industrial, and noise, and experimenting with unusual production techniques, vocal layers and obscured acoustic samples.

After finding a place in the Perth goth community in the mid 2000’s, Karli began making music. In 2013, she performed her first live show at Village Oblivia, before moving to Melbourne the following year and releasing her debut album, White’s Childhood Scissors. Since then she has composed a short soundtrack for the film Crush, and performed alongside Ausmuteants, HTRK, Habits and LA Suffocated. Her second release, Trust, came out earlier this year.

‘Walk Through’, from her Trust EP, is an introspective slice of dark, experimental pop that showcases Karli’s artistic sensibilities. Obscuring the underground 80s sounds she had experienced at goth dance parties, Walk Through pulsates with a cold energy and demonstrates White’s ever-evolving mastery of production and composition.


Check out ‘Walk Through’ below:



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