Independent Artist of the Week: Babey

May 20th 2019


Photo by Isabella Kerstens 

Oh, Babey: your latest indie of the week is a newly minted Melbourne-via-Sydney quartet with a mighty sweet name who make mighty sweet post-rock with a bitter kick.

Babey’s debut single ‘Honey’ traces the impacts of unhealthy relationships. With lyrics exploring the manipulation and self-destruction that can infect what was once love, ‘Honey’ is set to brooding, hypnotic guitars that comfort and captivate with their slowly evolving shapes and colours. This coupled with vocalist Elyse’s dark, aching harmonies and we’ve got one helluva track on our hands.

Alongside Rachael (bass), Aiden (guitar) and Janae (drums) and Elyse have already managed to play Secret Garden despite very little official output. But, for now, their focus is on writing new material for their debut EP, due out Winter 2019.

Past this, Babey don’t have too many shows on the schedule but their second single is on its way very soon. We can tell you that this new track continues the eerie post-rock ‘Honey’ vibes and in the words of Janae remains “very important to us and quite reflective of us as a band.”

Till then put Honey on repeat and get your sweet tooth seen to, BBs.


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