Independent Artist of the Week :: Hannahband

May 25th 2015


Hannahband capture the contradictions and beauty of the human experience, and release it in a cacophony that surges through your veins.

They released their second album Retirement through Melbourne-based DIY label Lesstalk Records, and it’s a perfect fit; there is a sense of ordered chaos, an ideology of authenticity and being oneself in the truest sense possible.

Their musical sensibilities are captured by their first track off the album, ‘Receding Hairline’, a witty and poignant anthem about optimistic ageing. The track uses heavily distorted major chords to build towards a thrashing chorus you can’t help but sing along to, no matter what stage your pattern baldness is: “Let’s let / What hair / We have / Left down”.

Although it’s about getting older, Retirement creates an ecstatic fury that should capture the imagination of anyone still carrying youth’s burning flame.

Check out their BandCamp here.

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