Independent Artist of the Week :: GRRL PAL

June 29th 2015

GRRL PAL are a sweet and smooth boy-girl duo from Perth that strikes the balance between the personal and the universal.


They have a playful, fun sound that almost betrays their work ethic. After the release of their highly successful 2013 EP AMAZON, they have gone above and beyond, bringing their hungry audience a new track every month this year, crafted in between gigs, concerts and tours.

Each release has been better than the last, bringing new dimensions and aspects to their sound and identity. Their most recent track ‘Nerve’ is a brilliant piece of electro-pop goodness that also reveals a sensitivity and vulnerability that reflects the private spaces in which the song was composed.


They’ve just finished a mini-tour with The Voltaire Twins, so until they announce their next set of shows, check out their SoundCloud to tie you over with some sweet free downloads.


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