Independent Artist of the Week: Dylan Atlantis

June 8th 2022

  • Dylan Atlantis :: Interview with Bindi Mutiara

Western Sydney’s Dylan Atlantis creates intimate tracks to make you feel good while exploring all the little facets life has to offer.

The 22-year-old is a singer, songwriter, producer and musician, with breezy tracks that have garnered recognition from fellow artists such as Knxwledge. Their music is a blend of smooth RnB and lofi grunge, drawing inspiration from masters like Frank Ocean, J Dilla, Last Dinosaurs and The Jungle Giants. Dylan broke down this eclectic influence while speaking to Bindi Mutiara on Up For It! earlier this week:

“A lot of my friends describe it as soft-hard music…I like hard beats but soft vocals”

Their latest single ‘Good Luck’ is an ode to pushing through changes, crafted during last year’s Sydney lockdown.

“We were in lockdown and it was so cold, I was missing summer. At one point I felt like I was reflecting on myself, and I was like “damn, I feel like an adult right now” and I got kind of sad,”

The track encapsulates the feeling of the final strains of summer, with Dylan’s vocals floating over instrumentals inspired by Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘1979’. Think hazy basslines, washed out guitars and a classic grunge drumline, reimagined for 2022. 

Dylan admitted they don’t release nearly as much music as they make, but that we should hear some more from them at the end of the year with a guitar-centred EP in the works. They’re also working on a lot of other side projects, and trying to do as many gigs as they can. You’ll be able to catch them supporting Nick Ward at Mary’s Underground on 30 June, as well as at Full Circle’s ‘for the lover in you’ event on June 25th.

Check out ‘Good Luck’ below or listen back to Dylan Atlantis’ full interview on Up For It! up top.