Independent Artist of the Week: Dormir

February 26th 2018

Photo by Isabelle Hellyer

Melbourne two piece machine Dormir make romantic club music that haunts the streets and the DF.

Harry Maslen and Morgan Wright struck up a friendship that quickly evolved into making music together. Always on task and focused, the duo “rarely just hang out”. Together they bring a DIY approach to an all Australian slab of sound – think blacked out vocals with a hint of Cut Copy if they made gothic disco music.

In 2016 the duo supported Death Bells, where it took just one commanding performance for independent Australian labels to take notice. A big deal for a band in their infancy, Burning Rose and Pelvis Records saw something right away and released Dormir’s experimental debut cassette tape. Continuing to play with elements of IDM, techno and synth pop, the duo are hard at work on their debut record.

Shiver through ‘In Pursuit’ below.


WHO: Pelvis X Burning Rose – Dormir 12″ Release Party with Cop Envy, George Michelle, Pelvis, FIRE-HOT
WHEN: 11pm, 3 March
HOW MUCH: $22 – Tickets available here
In Pursuit by Dormir is available now on Bandcamp.
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