Independent Artist of the Week: DAY SPA

August 14th 2017

DAY SPA exists within the space between art and sound, making futuristic meditation music to sink into.

After four years making music abroad between Los Angeles and China, Julius Gibson has returned home with audio visual project DAY SPA. Collaborating with his sister Esther Rose and fellow musician Louise Machatsh, DAY SPA’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Float’ is set for release later this year. The first taste, ‘Swoop’ has given us something pretty special to look forward to.

You’ll get lost in the intricacies of this stunning track, exploring the contrasts between electronic beats and earthy sounds. The ambience has a darkness to it, which combined with the song’s lush and layered vocals, experiments with what Gibson describes as “the meeting point between pleasure and repulsion, comfort and dissatisfaction, nature and artifice”. The visual component of his project also experiments with these dichotomies. 

Chill out and jump in to DAY SPA below.

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