Independent Artist of the Week :: Crepes

May 11th 2015


Crepes have come out with a brand of dole-wave that delivers the voice of a suburban Australian generation in a charming bluesy package.

Just like the title of their new EP Cold Summer, Crepes’ music is full of elements that seem paradoxical at first glance, but reveal something much more considered. On their first track of the same name, the beauty of vocalist Tim Karmouche’s lackadaisical vocals almost hides the poignant introspection within: “I couldn’t have met you at a better moment / But still we’re two years late”. While listening it’s hard not to imagine a younger Karmouche uttering those same words to a sweetheart while they wistfully gaze out over a sleeping city.



Creating something with a retro feel is always a challenge; lesser bands have attempted it and found themselves firmly within tribute-band territory. On the other hand, Crepes manages to capture the languid charm of their slacker rock predecessors, while capturing the new and fresh voice of a town’s youth that is too often overlooked.

Check out their Cold Summers EP on their bandcamp or from their Soundcloud below.


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