Independent Artist Of The Week: Chicanery

May 15th 2017

Sydney five-piece Chicanery make loud, powerful rock, softened by warm vocals and catchy hooks. Their sound is full of energy, sprinkled with a tough hit of young-adult-angst.

The Chicanery ladies met at high school and began making music at just 16 years of age. Inspired by their favourite pop punk and indie rock crushes at the time, rehearsals took place in lead guitarist Alessandra’s garage – a space where they could write music and jam after school. Four years on and the University students have broadened their musical horizons, revealing a more mature sound inspired by heartbreak, relationships and growing pains.

Their latest single ‘Change’ follows on from 2015’s ‘Open Road’, both of which will feature on their debut EP set for release later this year. Going full steam from start to finish, the track kicks off with fuzzed out guitar and Annique Edye’s heartfelt vocals, slowly building into an atmospheric rock anthem.

Giving ‘Change’ the visual treatment, the band have just unveiled a kaleidoscopic, psych-tinged new video to boot. Check it out below and give in to the Chicanery charm.

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