Independent Artist of the Week :: BLY

June 9th 2015


Even though it’s 9 degrees outside, the Sydney duo Bly brings enough heat for you to roll down the windows and drive slow to their genre-defying R&B sound.

In a scene where it’s often fashionable to be as smooth as possible, Bly’s self-proclaimed ‘neo-soul’ sound is willing to add some edge, incorporating elements of trip-hop, electro and dance to strong effect. On their page, they list wide-spanning influences such as J Dilla, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Flying Lotus; while vastly different in sound, their experimental efforts are all present in Bly’s artistic intentions.

This is shown best in their latest single ‘Rosey’. It speaks volumes for the pair’s technicality, both lyrically and sonically; the vocals switch between personas in their verses, ruminating on a tumultuous relationship interspersed with these chaotic, almost ¾ hits of sound, marrying the mood perfectly. Amidst the chaos, the undercurrent of a hip-hop style beat makes the whole thing bounce like an old-school Chevy.

Some rules aren’t meant to be broken, but Bly breaks the R&B mould in a way that feels just right.
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