Independent Artist Of The Week: Behind You

February 12th 2018

Piecing together industrial hip hop, hardcore and noise, Behind You make music that will have you losing control of your breath.

The local electronic punks mix together a mutual love for Flying Lotus, MF DOOM and Death Grips, resulting in a frenetic, brutal sound that’s completely their own. Inspired by the depravity and narcissism he finds within himself, lyricist Frank Fisher screams “I want to escape how it sounds” short-winded. The rhythm of second single ‘Head Count’ is a rapid crash of beats, but its lyrical haze will have you listening again on the off chance you’ll catch a phrase you didn’t get the first time.

Together with producer Joseph Maxwell, a fan of Brian Eno, the two use an electronic performance rig with droning guitar lines and manic rap vocals to grind audiences into a fine paste. With two singles in the bank, Behind You promise a third and an EP drop later in the year. For now they’re on a short performance hiatus overseas.

Get behind Head Count below.


Head Count by Behind You is available now on Bandcamp.
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