Hand-drawn Review: Contagious Magic at Galerie pompom

June 16th 2017

The advent of photography brought with it a captivating mysticism, one which was born out of the medium’s uncanny ability to render reality so clearly. Such was its reception, though its depictions were still only impressions whose ‘truthfulness’ was not always reliable.

It is from this premise that Galerie pompom presents Contagious Magic, where Jess Bradford, Simon Del Favero, Charles Dennington, David Greenhalgh, Harley Ives, Vivian Cooper Smith and Tina Havelock Stevens all provide a unique avenue of exploration into this theme.

Simon Del Favero’s work in particular utilises high resolution digital photography in Water Drop Refraction (2017) and Non-Linear Chemical Oscillator (2017). The former, a still photograph and the latter, a video work, unveil microscopic life. In Non-Linear Chemical Oscillator, the artist recreates the process of the same name. By mixing potassium bromate, sulfuric acid, methyl orange, sodium bromate, malonic acid and ferrous, the outcome is something hyper-real; its brilliance in colour and effect is found, as the artist describes, in a reality beyond the scope of human vision, embodying non-human concepts and dimensions.

Likewise, Water Drop Refraction depicts a series of water droplets sitting on a high density LCD panel, the banding of colour in the work created by the interaction of various layers of LCD and a nearby angled light. Creating something so beautiful and abstract, it’s hard for the viewer to believe the image was drawn from the real world.


WHAT: Contagious Magic
WHERE: Galerie pompom – 2 / 27-39 Abercrombie Street
WHEN: Now showing until July 2
HOW MUCH: Entry is free!

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