Good Sport :: Unforgettable Sports movie montages

November 15th 2012

Do you ever have those days where you plug in your headphones, pump up the jamz, hold your head high and strut down the street, invincible, like in one of those sports-related film montages? Y/N? Well either way, we have compiled a list of some of the most unforgettable sports-related montages. You’re welcome.

We do realise that this could lead to potential mass street strutting… but that’s probably not a bad thing. Why not also strut to your phone give FBi a call and sign up during our supporter drive? C’mon, you good sports! Call 833 22 945 and also win amazing prizes.

Joe ‘Bean’ Esposito ‘You’re The Best’ Karate Kid:

Joe ‘Bean’ Esposito soundtracks the final epic karate showdown, accentuating the mad skillz of Ralph Macchio’s character and intensity of the situation, repeatedly throwing the words ‘You’re the best, AROUND!’ at you. If you listen to the inspirational lyrics of this song and truly absorb the encouraging sentiment, it will give you the confidence to make you feel like you can karate chop a set of blocks in half. With your face. Standing on one leg. On the edge of a boat. And simultaneously status about it.

‘Montage’ South Park:

Sometimes you need a montage, because showing everything would just take too long. This song is as montagy as a montage gets, partly because of the obvious 80s-ness of it and the fact that it’s actually called ‘montage’.

‘Training Montage’ Rocky:

It’s just a little bit legendary. That combination of 80 sweatsuit, cringy raw egg consumption, greyish toned colour palette, boss-like running up steps and Sylvester Stallone that makes the montage of the first rocky movie. Being one of the most parodied scenes in cinema, and quite relevantly titled ‘Training Montage’ this little number is a reliable ol’ classic for when shit gets seriously real.

‘Supermassive Black Hole’ Muse, Twilight:

So apparently, vampires playing baseball is a thing. And apparently when you play, music from that UK trio plays. And stuff happens really fast and then really slow and then really fast again. Yeah, you may no longer have html encoded pictures of Matt Bellamy in your MySpace ‘Heroes’ section but ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ is still pretty great.

You’re The Voice, John Farnam, Hot Rod:

Rod Kimble. That is all.


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