Giveaway :: Ta-ku ‘Re ϟ Twerk’

August 30th 2012

Let’s play a little game of GUESS WHO (has just released an EP that’s reduced me to exciting squealing).

– He’s from Perth.

– He’s a graduate of Red Bull Music Academy.

– He worked with Chet Faker long before the Chocolates & Cigarettes EP.

– He’s had releases on Brownswood, Project Mooncircle and Finest Ego.

– His name pops up alongside Hermitude, Flume and Kendrick Lamar in remix projects.
Didya get it? Because I’m going to squeal again…

Perth producer Ta-ku has just released Re ϟ Twerk: a collection of reworks, remixes and original productions. It features his remixes of Hermitude, Snakadaktal, Kendrick Lamar and B. Lewis, plus a whole bunch of killer new beats. Re ϟ Twerk sees Ta-ku delve into trap, 2step and bass – and it’s impressive as ever for this prolific producer.


Ta-ku has given us access to 5 free downloads of Re ϟ Twerk. What a bro.

Want one? Send us your definition of ‘TWERK’ to… We’ll post the winners below and send you the digital album for free!

Want it right now? Send your ears over to


And the winners are…


Jeremy R: TWERK: a state of very fine muscle motor control over the buttocks allowing independent butt muscle movement i.e. “twerking”.

Nick H: “A young hotshot who exhibits a rather uncouth or obnoxious demeanour. Particularly when socializing. “Cool ya jets ya twerk!”

Katherine E: “Twerk is that wonderful moment when an apparently far-fetched thought that flutters into ones mind when pondering and day-dreaming about life’s endless possibilites and realises with a TWERK that “Holy shit that is totally outrageously possible! I can DO that!”… and then one makes a victory dance akin to diplo and nicky da b’s express yourself upside down booty shakin.”

James H: “My definition of TWERK would be the ability to make a shitty track sound 10/10. Twerk is making a track that has little energy in it, turning it into a track that makes you listen and bob your head up and down. Twerk is adding and removing elements of a track to make it the perfect sound, or the producers idea.”

Kevin NTWERK is like work but for hipsters.”


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