Gappy Ranks Owns Our Microphone

September 30th 2011

UK Dancehall artist Gappy Ranks popped into FBi today for an interview with Stephen Ferris on Mornings. Afterwards, we grabbed him to record one of those "I'm in a band and you're listening to FBi" things that we play sometimes.

Usually, it takes a fair bit of prompting and encouragement before you get something interesting out of an artist. Gappy Ranks? We couldn't stop him…

Gappy Ranks is playing at Goodgod Small Club tonight for their Birthday Bashment. He's doing an exclusive live show, alongside party-rap DJ gals Hoops, future indie R’n’B kid Guerre, 80’s funk freak Toni Toni Lee, Sydney’s hypest African hip-hop crew K1 and bass’n’booty DJ champions Kato, Levins, Jimmy Sing & Judgement, Huggz and Max Gosford.

What: A Birthday Bashment

Where: Goodgod Small Club, 55 Liverpool Street

When: Friday September 30, 8pm


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