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September 27th 2013

Free Shit Fridays

Friday means so many things to so many people. To some, it’s the end of the work week. For others, it’s a break from study. There are a few who even take it as chance to try out alcoholism and see how they look dancing with their pants on their heads.

But for everyone, it means it’s time for Free Shit Fridays!

Free Music!

Basenji – ‘Tribute To The Cat’

Alright all you cool cats, kick off the beginning of the week with this tribute to you! That’s right, this glitchy, handclap riddle tune is dedicated entirely to you… or the stray cat that runs the alley behind your house. Either way, it’s still a great listen!

Snakadaktal – ‘Ghost (Cosmo’s Midnight Remix)’

Who doesn’t like an excellent remix? Synths, gentle vocals and a great chilled out sound, Cosmo’s Midnight give Snakadak the ‘Friday treatment’ and the result is this soundtrack to a chillaxed Friday (my apologies to all for using the word ‘Chillax’).

The Bridge Presents: Jupiter (Folk, Acoustic & Country Compilation)

If you decide to take advantage of the good weather and go camping, here is the music you need for the trip. The third compilation released by our 100% Sydney music program, The Bridge, it’s got everything you need for a weekend in the bush/beach/car-that-broke-down-halfway-up-the-Pacific-Highway-but-somehow-the-radio-still-works.

ProleteR – ‘Feeding The Lions EP’

A French boy mixing jazz sounds with hip-hop beats? Yes please!

If you’re in need of music for a wine-fuelled Friday house party, then this free download is exactly what you need.

Movement – ‘Modcast Mixtape’

As if you didn’t have enough music already, here is a forty minute mixtape put together by Modular-signed legends, Movement.

If after all this you still need more music, why not get a never ending stream of great music by tuning into FBi 94.5fm, because radio is always free!

Free Funtimes!

Halflife Drawing @ Sly Fox Hotel

Naked models and dinosaurs. If you’re not already sold, how about the fact that it’s a free drawing night that requires zero drawing ability.

If you’re needing more details for this night of prehistoric creatures, lead pencils and nudity (and I’m sure there’s a good joke to be had somewhere in there), check out the Facebook event RIGHT HERE.


Happy Weekend!

<3 FBi


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