Feature :: City of Sydney SRC: Have Your Say

May 27th 2013

Oooh Sydney, you are getting cooler by the minute. And I’m not referring to the chilly descent into wintery months. I mean the way kids in the 90s describe walking the dog on a yoyo diablo. Kewl.

Hot off the newsletter press this week, Lord Mayor Clover Moore has called an all-out SRC meeting to pool our best ideas for a more creative city. The results are popping up like tazos.

Popular kids have suggested a permanent Southeast Asian street food market, pop-up live music gigs, well-lit park ping-pong and outdoor open-mic karaoke sessions.

The more reserved of the bunch are clapping excitedly at the prospect of a network of ten inner-city libraries and an official ‘speakers corner’ with free access to public debates.

There was just one kid in the class who suggested that this was a waste of time, and to that we say, ‘As if, Nigel No Friends. So is your face.’

Over $34 million will be invested into turning Sydney into a creative playground, governed by the city’s first-ever cultural policy that will guarantee things run as smooth as a Vengabus.

90s references aside, we think this is an awesome initiative and have already submitted our entry (bring on coke in the bubblers!) and you should too. Head to sydneyyoursay.com.au, put your SRC badge on and your two cents in.


WHAT: City of Sydney community consultation

WHEN: Submissions to SRC close May 31st

WHERE: http://sydneyyoursay.com.au/



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