FBi’s SMAC Of The Year 2012 :: Winner

January 17th 2013


Our SMAC of the year for 2012 recognises someone who’s a thinker and a do-er.

An intellectual. An ideas woman.

Someone who thinks deeply about our creative culture, engages with it and changes it. Which in our opinion, makes her a true innovator.

She’s passionate about her work and about new ideas. She challenges others to think, to be more creative, to be curious.

She has impeccable taste, which is obvious in everything she does.

She’s a writer, editor, curator and event director.

She’s worked as a magazine editor, curator of TEDxSydney, director of the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards, and as policy adviser to the NSW Minister for the Arts – all before her 30th birthday.

Currently, She’s the festival director of Vivid Ideas and the founding artistic director of Vivid Creative Sydney.

If that wasn’t enough, she spent half of 2012 writing her first book.

We know she loves our city and its culture. That’s why we love her.


Congratulations to Jess Scully, FBi’s SMAC of the Year for 2012.



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