FBi Turns 15 – Arts Lineup

October 10th 2018

Louise Zhang

At once repulsive and attractive, Louise Zhang’s multicolour artworks ooze, drip and glitter. Drawing upon horror cinema, particularly the body horror genre, Louise is interested in the themes of innocence, prettiness and cuteness and how these can contrast with notions of the perverse and monstrous. Exhibiting her works internationally, Zhang explores the intersections of fear, anxiety and otherness in the construction of identity.

Nadia Odlum

Nadia Odlum is interested in the connections between vision and movement that arise from navigating architectural environments. Working across drawing, painting, sculpture and installation, Nadia’s works impact your body’s understanding of and feelings within physical spaces. Nadia has presented works at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, the New York Transit Museum, The Murray Art Museum in Albury, Artspace, Firstdraft and Penrith Regional Gallery.

Nadia Hernandez

Nadia Hernandez articulates the current political climate of her home country Venezuela, and her diasporic experience as a Venezuelan woman living abroad, through vibrant textiles, paper constructions, painting, music, installations, sculptures and murals. Having recently been selected as the official artist for City of Sydney’s NYE 2017, Nadia creates works that negotiate complex political narratives in visually energetic ways.

Tyler Ray Hawkins

From watermelon-smashing nihilist theatre to throbbing bodily opera, Tyler Ray Hawkins has been behind the design for it all. Crafting textual, enveloping environments for the likes of Sydney Theatre Co., Opera Australia, Belvoir Theatre, Griffin Theatre Co., ATYP, Romance was Born, Sass & Bide, Dollhouse Pictures, and Underbelly Arts, Tyler’s spatial designs will take you to another world and back again.

TAFE NSW Eora College – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts students and staff

Like beacons in the night, Light Houses is a work that draws on the welcoming symbolism of lighthouses and their capacity to chart a course to a safe haven. Originally created for VIVID 2017, TAFE NSW Eora College – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts students and staff will be representing this luminous work at FBi Turns 15!

Mikaela Stafford x Bobby Vibe Positive

FBi Turns 15 is bring together Sydney creatives Mikaela Stafford and Bobby Vibe Positive! Mikaela Stafford reimagines found materials into canvases for light and motion, transforming the everyday into an immersive new world. She will be collaborating with Bobby Vibe Positive, a tireless DJ, artist and promoter, known throughout Sydney’s party scenes for his much-loved Vibe Positive Parties.

Sophie PY

What is the difference between technology and magic? How could humanness be described and how could it be uploaded to the cloud? What will be left when we die? Sophie PY asks all these questions and more in her video and new media works. Interested in how ideas and experiences are translated digitally, Sophie creates works that examine the equalising nature of the internet and explore how stories are told in the digital age.


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