FBi FYI :: National Commission of Audit & Community Radio

May 6th 2014


You’ve probably heard about the National Commission of Audit Report. Probably with a few swear-words bandied around it.

You might not have heard that in amongst the report’s extensive list of recommended funding cuts is the Community Broadcasting Program. This includes grants via the Community Broadcasting Foundation, The National Training Project, Community Media Training Organisation, CBOnline, The Digital Radio Project, AMRAP and the Community Radio Network.

> How does this affect FBi and other community stations?

It doesn’t yet. It’s important to remember that the report only consists of recommendations, only some of which will actually be implemented.

But if they are implemented, the impact on the sector and the communities we support will be devastating.

> Why is funding for community broadcasters so important?

Community broadcasters receive only a small fraction of the government’s funding for cultural projects. The money we do get is stretched out to lengths you cannot imagine – you haven’t met a stinge until you’ve worked in community radio! 

For this tiny investment we deliver a service enjoyed by 7 million Australians who tune in mostly for local news, local culture and Australian music.

We are the first employers for young people in the sector; the first break for musicians; the first choice for listeners who want to be part of their communities.

> What can you do now?

Make sure your voice is heard. On Tuesday 13 May the government will announce the budget. Before then it’s vital that we urge the PM and the Treasurer to consider how community radio is crucial to our country’s broadcasting landscape.


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