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December 24th 2013

Made In Paris2

Every week, Fade Up sets you up on a hot date with an emerging Australian producer who Sandro Dallarmi thinks are worth getting to know. You can hear the new Fade Up mixtape before it hits the Flog by tuning into Sandro’s show on FBi, The Mixing Bowl.


Thanks to record label and party series Motorik, techno is experiencing a resurgence in Sydney. Those guys aren’t doing it alone though; the next generation of techno producers has arrived, and Made In Paris sits confidently among them.

The Sydney gal is bursting with creativity, which translates so clearly into her music. She can burn through countless ideas on one track (ensuring that even the shortest of attention spans stay satisfied) while still channeling a distinctive overall sound.

Much like Floria and Vergil, Made In Paris is a young Australian techno producer set to rise up in 2014.


Meet Made In Paris



Sandro Dallarmi :: What came first for you – DJing or producing, and how did that thing initially enter your life?

Made In Paris :: I attempted DJing when I was 14 years old. I forced my Mum into buying one of those all-in-one DJ CD mixer things. Not knowing what ‘beat matching’ was, I would just fade in and out of tracks haha. I would soon get bored with it and sell it. When I turned 18 I went out with a guy who was a DJ. He taught me the basics and I was forever hooked! Shortly afterwards I met Ableton Live and have been a slave to him ever since.

There’s been a resurgence of techno music in Sydney over the last couple of years. How has that affected the music you’re making?

Techno…well I think the thought of it scares some. For people that don’t have much knowledge of the genre immediately think “crazy 138bpm doof doof shit” or “angry music”. I think Motorik has shown Sydney how much groove, quality and enjoyment techno can provide for the dancefloor. I’m very excited to be making Techno for this growing crowd.

On a slightly different angle, you’ve gotta tell me the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever experienced while on a big night out.

Wow, so many ridiculous things I’ve experienced on nights out. Okay let’s just say I was at ARQ one night and saw a guy doing something to another guy that I did not think was appropriate for the dance floor : /


  • Made In Paris :: Fade Up Mixtape #19



Jean Nipon – ‘Put It In The Trunk (Original Mix)’

Wordlife – ‘Vision (Craig Williams Remix)’

Dense & Pika – ‘Colt (Original Mix)’

Maelstrom – ‘Pool Chicks (Original Mix)’

Madame – ‘The Way It Feel (Original Mix)’

Klangfarbe Antifeind – ‘Tetraeder (Original Mix)’

Dense & Pika – ‘Black Deep (Original Mix)’

Phil Kieran – ‘Saturdays (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)’



Made In Paris | The Mixing Bowl | Fade Up



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