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February 27th 2014

Back Back Forward Punch

Every week, Fade Up sets you up on a hot date with an emerging Australian producer who Sandro Dallarmi thinks are worth getting to know. You can hear the new Fade Up mixtape before it hits the Flog by tuning into Sandro’s show on FBi, The Mixing Bowl.


Back Back Forward Punch brandish a dual-pronged sceptre of disco (adorned with a fully functional mirror ball of course) that helps them get you on a dancefloor and make you forget how much you loathe yourself. The Melbourne-via-Newcastle duo are apparently in the market for dedicated groupies, and although I made up the disco sceptre thing, I doubt they’ll have much trouble finding some.


Meet Back Back Forward Punch



Sandro :: Music production software is heaps more accessible these days and has made it super easy for musicians to be more involved with the sound they’re creating. So I’m interested to know if you see yourselves as a singer/songwriter duo, or what the dynamic is if not that.

Back Back Forward Punch :: We definitely see ourselves as singer/song writers. We create the music and lyrics just like any band using organic instruments. The difference is that we’re constantly recording and mixing as we create, so by the time the song is finished, the track is fully produced. Other bands might write a song together, then have to go into the studio and get someone else to record, mix and produce it. We have total control over how our music sounds.

The technology is very accessible for home studios, which is great. So anyone can create a top-quality sound for minimal cost. The real hurdle is learning how all the software works in order to create that sound. I think the producing learning curve can get in the way of the creative process. But once you’ve got a handle on the tools, they really aid the creative process. Just like when you start playing guitar, it’s hard to get your ideas out. But eventually once you get good enough, you stop thinking about how to play, and just play.

Technology isn’t the only thing affecting how you two create music; how has the big move from Newcastle to Melbourne changed things for you?

Moving to Melbourne was very important. In Newcastle, we got lots of gigs, and played most of the clubs in town. Thinking we were doing pretty well, we moved to Melbourne to push our sound. Very quickly we realised we had a long way to go to be up to the standard of the big city. We felt like we were at the bottom again and had to make all the connections with venues, promoters, other musicians and fans from scratch.

Back Back Forward Punch are on tour as we speak (you can’t seem to stop moving around the country can you). Firstly, how’s the live show been going, and secondly, what’s the groupie situation? Please invent a groupie story if you don’t have one.

The tour with Pigeon has been going great, and we’ve been getting some great feedback from the crowds. It’s our first real tour so it’s been very exciting for us. The guys from Pigeon are such legends, and we’ve met heaps of excellent people in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane so far. I think Canberra was actually the most excitable crowd we’ve played to on the tour. They really know how to party on a Thursday. We’re definitely in the market for some dedicated groupies. We have actually just put an ad in Gumtree. “Wanted: 6 guys/girls  to stand up the front of all BBFP gigs to dance and scream at the appropriate time; must be available to stand outside our houses and go through our rubbish bins looking for locks of hair once a week. Must have own binoculars.”


  • Back Back Forward Punch :: Fade Up Mixtape #26



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