Fade Up :: aywy.

September 15th 2014


Every week, Fade Up sets you up on a hot date with an emerging Australian producer who Sandro Dallarmi thinks are worth getting to know. You can hear the new Fade Up mixtape before it hits the Flog by tuning into Sandro’s show on FBi, The Mixing Bowl.


Only six months have passed since aywy (pronounced ‘A.Y.’) co-founded a Soulection-esque label and internationally collaborative collective called Flow-Fi, but his contribution to the world of soulful beats and bass music is already huge, and growing exponentially.

As a forward-thinking producer in his own right with an official GoldLink remix under his belt, you really need to keep your ears locked on this Sydney dude.


Meet aywy.



Sandro Dallarmi :: Where did the idea for Flow-Fi come from, and what is it that you aim to do with the platform?

aywy. :: Flow-Fi was an idea I had for a little while, since sometime in early 2013. This is when all those internet labels like HW&W, Die High, Soulection and Darker Than Wax dropped on to my radar. I’d been trying to focus on making music but the whole label idea was something that interested me since I started listening to more and more of the sound associated with those other labels. In late January I linked up with two artists (Fortune & subdaio) who shared my vision and direction so we founded it in early February. We did it to build a platform of free collaboration between artists around the world and to sort of push us all to make music and grow together, artistically and in presence. That and we want to usher in a new sound, representative of this generation of producers, sharing the music of our mates along the way .

You recently hooked up with the Soulection guys right? Your LA-based Flow-Fi counterpart also jumped on the Soulection radio show a couple of weeks ago. Tell me about that relationship.

Yeah! I mean the response from Soulection has been insane. It’s humbling to say the least, considering that Soulection were one of those internet labels making big waves around the time I was thinking about starting my own. Joe Kay (Soulection co-founder) caught on to our sound when we were at around 2500 fans on Soundcloud and they really helped get our music out to their fans and allow us to grow big time. They’re a constant source of motivation musically and branding-wise too. Our boy Chris McClenney was recently added to their roster as well, so he’s repping both teams now. Yeah, Fortune was on the Soulection radio show a few weeks ago and the fact that Joe is giving us the interview opportunity to share our vision with Soulection fans is unreal. Flow-Fi has been able to grow as fast as it has because of the relationships we’ve made with Joe, DJ Complexion and all the other artists we’re down with on SC. It’s crazy how things can just happen online like that but I guess that’s the future of music haha.

How about yourself as a producer – you (accidentally) got to do an official remix for GoldLink and it’s still relatively early days. I imagine there’s plenty more music in the works?

Haha, yeah well that was a funny story. I really dug The God Complex (GoldLink’s mixtape) when it was released but I never assumed I was going to be involved with a rapper when his production was bouncy and upbeat like that. They sent Flow-Fi an email asking for potential official remixes for ‘Ay Ay’; Fortune threw some drums over it for fun and I just took it from there. They ended up loving it so now it’s on the Deluxe Edition of TGC which is nuts. To have this all happening within the last 7 months is insane and yeah, I’m always working on new music. I’d love to sit down and focus on a project that’s entirely me again sometime. I’ve got an EP with an artist named Ekali coming soon too. In a lot of ways, 2014 is only the beginning for me and for Flow-Fi.

Fade Up Mixtape #44 :: aywy. by Fade Up on Mixcloud


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