Exclusive mix + top 5 labels with RAMPA (Keinemusik)

April 30th 2015


For the past six years, Berlin’s Rampa has been cultivating a creative group of like-minded house and techno producers known as Keinemusik. More a collective than just a label, Keinemusik’s focus on collaboration has resulted in stellar releases from the likes of &ME, Adam Port, David Mayer, Reznik and Monja – who will be household names if you’re a regular listener of Frequency with Mantra Collective.

Warming up to party at the Ersknvl Spice Cellar on May 2, Rampa dropped an exclusive mix for the Mantra boys including a bunch of new tunes from his favourite labels. Listen to the mix below (and the full show here) and check out his highlights.



The label is based in Leipzig, and the HRSY (Here Is Why) and Good Guy Mikesh releases are especially outstanding for me. Consider me as a big fan from its first release! For me it’s the perfect combo of club, house and pop music.


2. Born Bad Records

A great label from Paris. The music varies and most of it might not be to interesting in our “house music” world but I love the crossover and genre mixing idea, and one of my favourite tracks came out on this label.


3. Studio Barnhus

I love this label because of its easy attitude. It’s so nice to see and hear that there are still people doing real art in a not too serious way. There is too much “tech house”/”functional music” out there in my opinion. It always makes me happy to get a Studio Barnhus promo and I’m never disappointed! Not all tracks fit into my DJ sets but there is still space on my iPod 😉


4. Pastamusik

This label is based in Munich and always comes up with some new very interesting releases. I’m sure you know Daniel Bortz aka D.B. –  whom I worked with a lot for our Keinerechte releases back in the days. He recently released 2 super nice EPs on Pasta.


5. Keinemusik

Of course there are a lot more labels to list and talk about, but as this gives me the possibility of making my living out of it and I kind of do like all the releases… so I’m happy to announce Keinemusik here, hehe. It’s hard to tell my fave release so I’ll choose the latest to make Adam happy and use the opportunity to promote “I Never Wear Black” from Adam Port.



WHAT:: SPICE & Mantra Collective Present Rampa (Keinemusik – DE)
WHO :: Rampa, Aboutjack, Whitecat, Antoine Vice, Space Junk, Murat Kilic and guests…
WHEN :: Saturday 2 May, 10pm — Late
WHERE :: Spice Cellar Ersknvl – Imperial Hotel
HOW MUCH :: 3rd Release – $30 here


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