Exclusive Mix :: Space Junk ‘Summer Vibes’

October 9th 2013

summer vibes

Maybe it’s just me, but my desire to do anything except sit in a park with some ciders in the sun is waning dramatically.

The shorts are out. The strap tan is back. The wallet is slimming, festival tickets stacking. The heatwave is coming… And we need a mix to prepare for summer that’s louder than your dad’s shirt, to make up for the hour we just lost to daylight ‘savings’.

Thankfully, Space Junk (aka Telly Maragopoulos) has dropped this Summer Vibes mix just in time. Be warned, though: listening to this at uni, work or simply indoors at all will probably give you an inexplicable sense of FOMO. You won’t know exactly what it is that you’re missing, but you’ll need to get to a sunset (or sunrise) dancefloor ASAP to work it out.

Co-host of FBi’s Frequency with Mealo on Friday nights and resident at Spice Cellar and Chinese Laundry, Space Junk is one of Sydney’s most passionate purveyors of deep house. Keep an eye on his Mantra Collective crew for some of the biggest parties this summer.

Summer Vibes: “a special mix of grooves that aims to capture the debauchery of the summer to come…”

Grab that cider and turn it up.

Demarzo – Draw a Line
Nice7 – Walking Faster
Jay Shepheard, Martin Dawson – Cut a Hole
Inxec, Droog – Second to None
Claude Von Stroke – Can’t Wait
Darius Syrossian, Hector Couto – House is House
Dale Howard – Get it Straight
Seff, Alex Darling – Into the Light
Sidney Charles – Jack on the Rocks (Sante’s 90s House Remix)
Patrick Topping – Any Amounts
Moodtrap – Out of Time (Audiojack Acid Sunrise Mix Remix)

Catch Space Junk and Mealo for Frequency on Friday nights from 1 – 3am.

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