Giveaway: Contemporary Art, Feminism and the Internet


7 June 2017 - 14 June 2017

Women In The Arts are delighted to present Contemporary Art, Feminism and the Internet as a part of Vivid ideas. Facilitated by Zin Arts, this experimental panel discussion invites the audience into a giant Facebook chat that feeds back to the panellists in real time. Creating a space to trouble the assumptions about the relationships between the internet, feminism and art.

Artists from around the world, audience members and panellists will all contribute to the Facebook chat, creating an interactive international dialogue which you can be a part of.

Speakers at the event include Sabella D’Souza, Zin, Fresh and Fruity, Xanthe Dobbie, Hannah Bronte and Talia Smith.

Make sure your phone has full battery for June 17 and head along to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Tickets are on sale now.


For your chance to win a double pass email with WOMEN IN THE ARTS in the subject heading. Must include your FBi supporter number and contact details.

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