FBi Radio Presents: EMC + EMC PLAY


28 November 2017 - 30 November 2017


Giant Dwarf Theatre, Cake Wines Cellar Door, Lansdowne Hotel, Sly Fox Hotel, The Chippo, Freda's

The Electronic Music Festival comes to Sydney this November 29 & 30, bringing with it leading artists and music pioneers within the electronic music industry.

To see the full program or to purchase tickets visit the Electronic Music Conference website.

(Scroll down to check out the speaker line up)

On top of this EMC Play will be showcasing the best electronic acts from around the Asia Pacific, playing across The Landsdowne, Freda’s, Cake Wines, The Chippo and Sly Fox from November 28 to November 30.

EMC Play Lineup

Fred P ● Robbie Lowe ● Garth Linton ● Pip Dalton ● Taridas ● Austen ● Commandeur ● Elkkle ● London Topaz ● May Lyn ● Miss Blanks ● PTwiggs ● The Nights ● Tiber ● Various Asses ● Vincent Sole ● Plantlife ● James Pepper ●
Eduardo Muchacho ● Life of Leisure ● Strange Associates ● Avon Stringer ● Mark Maxwell ● Peekay ● Donald Leicester ● Jerk Boy ● Sondrio ● Hannah Gibbs ● L.O.U ● Minx ● Cassette ● Hood Rich ● Stace Cadet ● LO’99 ● Freddy Frogs ● DQ ● Isabel ● Luunes ● Natalia ● Amastro ● Annie Bass ● Arcane Echo ● Blondebears ● Doolie ● Matka ● Mickey Kojak ● Midnight Pool Party ● Moza ● Muto ● Tobacco Rat ● Various Asses ● Jikuroux ● PTwiggs ● Chanel ● Yung Brujo ● Alec Bonnici ● Arcane Echo ● Emma Bass ● Sodf ● Val York ● Lord Echo ●
Miles Cleret ● Sampology ● World Records DJs ●

Make sure you check out the full EMC Play program.


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Speaker Line Up

Adam Winstock, Global Drug Survey UK
Aden Mullens, etcetc
Alexander Nut, Eglo Records (UK)
Alice Kimbereley, VICE
Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio
Andrew Li, Zouk (Singapore)
Andrew Weatherall, Artist (UK)
Anna Burns, Future Classic
Ant Celestino, onelove
Beatrice, Artist
Ben Tucker, For The Love
Brooke Powers, DJ
Bryony Beynon, Good Night Out (UK)
Carly Roberts, Picnic Events
Cathy Adamek, Adaemek Productions
Chloe Rickard, Jungle
Chris Berkley
Chris Murray, Falcona
Chris O’Donnell, Eventbrite
Dan Aux, George FM (NZ)
Dita Hariadi, Ismaya Group (Indonesia)
Dr. Bianca Fileborn, UNSW
Driller Jet Armstrong, Artist
Emily York, Penny Drop
Eva Trifonas, Inertia
Frank Rodi, APRA AMCOS
Hannah Crofts, Artist
Helen Marcou, Bakehouse Studios/Your Choice
Huw Nolan, Good Manners
James Mathison
Jana Gibson, APRA AMCOS
Jo Pretyman, i-Manifest
Johann Ponniah, I OH YOU
Jonno Seidler, One a Day
Justin Sweeting, Sonar HK (Hong Kong)
Kate Becker, Office of Film + Music City of Seattle
Katie Pearson, (Whiskey Houston) Artist
Leanne de Souza, AAM
Miss Blanks, Artist
Murat Kilic, Dream Channel
Ngaiire, Artist
Ollie Wards, triple j
Paul Stix, undr CTRL
Richard Moffat, Way Over There
Richie Carrera, T100
Richie McNeill, Hardware Corp
Si Gould, Wondercore Island
Thelma Plum, Artist
Tigerlily, Artist
Touch Sensitive, Artist
Travis Grech, Ultra Australia
Troy Sincock, Fresh FM
Tyson Koh, Keep Sydney Open
Uda Widanapathirana, Mellum
Vi Hermens, Motorik

More still to be added.