FBi Presents :: Nicolas Jaar, Paradiso at Town Hall

Named after Amsterdam’s iconic rock venue, Paradiso at Town Hall is Sydney Festival’s new contemporary music home for the summer.

FBi Presents Nicolas Jaar

Twisted and moody, subtle but powerful, New York via Santiago producer Nicolas Jaar creates genre-defying, downtempo electronic music.

The 22-year-old’s debut solo album Space Is Only Noise was widely hailed as one of 2011’s best records, and sees Jaar embellish experimental techno with acoustic elements like Arabic strings, echoing vocals and discordant sax, slowed to the pace of a skipping heartbeat.

With influences including Ethiopian jazz and dub reggae, Jaar is also inspired by the likes of Erik Satie, Twin Peaks and Ry Cooder.

Jaar translates his recorded sound to the live stage with aplomb, enthralling audiences and selling out shows across the globe.

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