FBi Radio First Look: In My Blood It Runs


12 February 2020




Dendy Newtown

In My Blood It Runs is the award-winning film from Sydney director Maya Newell, which follows 10 year old Arrernte boy Dujuan as he grows up in Alice Springs. A child healer and speaker of three languages, Dujuan’s wisdom of history and the complex world around him is undeniable. At the same time, he’s ‘failing’ school, and facing increasing scrutiny from the police.

This new heart-warming documentary sees Dujuan grapple with these pressures and share his truths, all the while revealing truths about First Nations-led education and the age of incarceration in this country.

In My Blood It Runs is showing at Dendy Newtown from February 20, but you can see it first with FBi Radio at Dendy Newtown on Wednesday February 12.


For your chance to win a double pass, email firstlook@fbiradio.com with IN MY BLOOD IT RUNS in the subject heading. Please include your FBi Radio supporter number.

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