FBi‘s Dance Class 2015


FBi has always championed female talent, both behind the mic and behind the decks. Some of Australia’s most respected DJs, including Anna Lunoe and Nina Las Vegas, got their start at the station. We’re passionate about seeing more women take charge in the dance music scene, so we’ve developed a comprehensive program to discover, train and mentor the next generation.

From a public callout, we selected five trainees to take part in a series of workshops with some of Sydney’s finest, learning basic DJ skills, radio presenting and how to navigate the industry (including a trip to this year’s Electronic Music Conference). Each trainee was paired up with a radio mentor to join on air and develop their skills even further – as well as holding down their own show for a month – Dance Class on FBi Click.

Dance music ain’t nothing without a dancefloor, so we helped the girls get their first gigs – and couldn’t be more proud to see their names popping up on parties across Sydney! (Try and) keep up with them below…


FBi's Dance Class 2015: Genie (aka Genevieve Collier)

This is Genie: one of the smart, passionate & talented ladies we've mentored through FBi's Dance Class supported by V MoVement.

FBi's Dance Class 2015: Ellie Locke video

Multi-talented Ellie Locke has surrounded herself with music all her life - from school choir to street busking and learning guitar and clarinet.

FBi's Dance Class: SPORTS (Madeleine Carr)

Madeleine Carr - aka SPORTS - is a ball of energy, behind the mic and on the decks. She's just graduated from FBi's Dance Class

FBi's Dance Class 2015: Mirã Bõru (Tess Nicolaou)

See what Tess Nicolaou has learned as a graduate from FBi's Dance Class, our DJ training and mentorship program for young women.

Meet the class of 2015

Meet Ellie Locke, FBi's Dance Class Trainee

"This is a mix of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and cranberries. It's also my first promo mix for FBi's female mentorship program, Dance Class."

Meet Genie aka Genevieve Collier: FBi's Dance Class trainee

"I learned that when making a mixtape, it’s best to treat the songs as ingredients for a larger mix and respect them for what they are - don’t force something if its not working." Wrap your ears around Genie's first mix!

Meet SPORTS aka Madeleine Carr, FBi's Dance Class trainee

When recreation becomes a serious SPORT(S)... hear the first live mix from your new favourite ball of energy.

Meet Mirã Bõru aka Tess Nicolaou, FBi's Dance Class trainee

In Japanese, Mirã Bõru means disco ball; and its human incarnation is Sydney's Tess Nicolaou.

Watch: FBi's Dance Class launch party with Catlips & Amrita

We threw a little somethin' to celebrate the launch of our brand new DJ training and mentorship program for women - FBi's Dance Class!