Canvas: Unframing Art & Ideas

UNFRAMING ART & IDEAS – CANVAS episode cluster ‘GROUND’ is out now, featuring episodes ‘Stone’, ‘Sand’ & ‘Salt, tune in!

CANVAS is a living archive, a quiet conversation, a collision of ideas, a platform to hear, engage and be enveloped by art. Officially re-emerging on Saturday the 25th of July 2020, CANVAS is releasing fortnightly podcasts and resources on-air and online filled with artful audio championing the voices of artists.

To celebrate the re-launch of CANVAS we threw a long-weekend of digital treats! Featuring a heartwarming collection of artists offering gentle digital responses on the CANVAS instagram to the question; What is keeping you grounded?
New artworks, gestures, reading lists, performances and playlists went live on July 24th, 25th and 26th, featuring Sidney McMahon, Rainbow Chan, Skelton & Conway, Movies Movies Movies Andre Shannon & Jen Atherton, Lill Colgan, Wendy Yu, Manisha Anjali, Jesse Rye, Susie Anderson and Jamaica Moana!
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CANVAS: Unframing Art & Ideas is broadcast every second Saturday on FBi Radio 94.5FM at 2:30pm and available digitally via iTunes and Spotify.

CANVAS is produced by a team of artists, producers and curators made up of; Host Ayeesha Ash, Researchers Eleanor Zurowski and Jazz Money, Audio Editor and Producer Kanika Kirpalani, Digital Coordinator Isabella Sanasi and Executive Producer Anna May Kirk.

Join us on this journey of unframing art and ideas! 

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CANVAS: Art Unframed

Ground - Episode 1-3 Stone, Sand & Salt out now!

A cluster of 3 podcast episodes opening dialogues around occupation, sovereignty, custodianship and more. EP 1 'Stone' & EP 2 'Sand' out now!

Canvas Archive

CANVAS has been bringing you art and ideas since 2007. Revisit the wealth of artist conversations, initiatives, events available in our archive.

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