Culture Videos

Bhenji Ra Rehearsal

Bhenji Ra on Maintaining the Integrity of the Vogue Ball

Sissy Ball curator and House of Slé mother Bhenji Ra opens up about the integrity of the vogue ball.

Ian Darling The Final Quarter

VIDEO: Ian Darling & Yvonne Sampson on the last years of Adam Goodes’ career

Ian Darling, the director of The Final Quarter chats with Yvonne Sampson of Fox League and Stephen and Kris from Fire Up! about the final years of Adam Goodes career.

First Take SFF2019

FIRST TAKE with Jack & André #01 – Sydney Film Festival 2019

FIRST TAKE is a new video series starring filmlordes Jack and André giving their unvarnished reactions to the week’s cinematic fare. First in the firing line is SFF’s 2019 program

VIDEO: Hannah Bronte, Daniel Kok and Asuna at Liveworks 2018

Our roving Arts and Culture reporters Michael Sun and Jadzea Allen caught up with Hannah Bronte, Daniel Kok and Asuna about their artworks for Liveworks 2018 at Performance Space.

VIDEO: Jamie Lee Curtis, body-swapping and career pivots

THE Jamie Lee Curtis if you can believe it chats to Jack and André in stack-formation. Wild.

FBi Turns 15 – Arts Lineup

Announcing FBi Turns 15’s arts line-up! Get a load of the stunning collection of art + artists stacking the bill.

Big Screen: Louis Theroux – My Scientology Movie

Scientology is like the North Korea of religious organisations. No-one really knows how they operate, but the more we learn, the more we realise that it’s bat-shit crazy.

Watch: Kings & Queens behind the scenes on the Heaps Gay float – Mardi Gras 2015

Ever wanted to know what it looks like from the top of a Mardi Gras float during the parade? Here’s a pretty damn good peek…

Watch: Kings & Queens do Fair Day at Mardi Gras 2015

Kat and Brad from our queer culture segment ‘Kings & Queens’ went to Fair Day in Victoria Park to kick off Mardi Gras 2015 – and met some pretty colourful people.

Watch :: Bunker Raves mini-doco (Sceno’s Subcultural Safari Ep2)

This is bass, tunnels, peace & love. This is bunker rave… Explore Sydney’s nightmarish bunker party scene with episode two of Sceno’s Subcultural Safari.