Culture Guide October 16 – 22: Liveworks Festival, Two Up + 100 Pictures, 100 Stories

October 15th 2017
Monday 16th October

UTS ART Live – Queer tour of UTS

Join artist Sarah Rodigari and members of The UTS Queer Collective on a walking tour of UTS from a queer perspective. Rodigari and the Queer Collective have been using Sara Ahmed’s texts ‘Queer Feelings’ and ’Queer Phenomenology’ to explore and unpack our relationship to objects and architecture through non normative models. Meet us in the foyer of the UTS tower and take one of the personalised walking tours with a member of the collective.

WHAT: Exhibition Tour
WHEN: 1-2pm
WHERE: UTS Tower Foyer, Ultimo
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Tuesday 17th October

CLIPPED Presents: Music Video Premieres

CLIPPED Presents: Music Video Premieres at Golden Age Cinema is special night not to be missed. This unique event will be premiering new unreleased Australian music videos. The audience will be treated to an exclusive insight into how work is made, with short Q+As featuring a number of the talented filmmakers and artists themselves.

WHAT: Screening + Q&A
WHEN: 8:30-11:30pm
WHERE: Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Surry Hills
HOW MUCH: $21, more info

Under An Open Sky

Celebrate the opening of Peter Coad’s new solo exhibition in Sydney. A magnificent body of work by one of Australia’s best artists. Wonderful, colourful depictions of Australia, canapés by Sofitel and drinks flowing. What a way to celebrate a Tuesday. Meet Peter Coad and be the first to see these new works!

WHAT: Exhibition Opening Drinks
WHEN: 6-9pm
WHERE: Wentworth Galleries, Sydney
HOW MUCH: Free RSVP, more info

Wednesday 18th October

100 Pictures, 100 Stories

100 Pictures, 100 Stories is the culmination of a twelve-month project by artists Chrissie Hall and Deb Morgan who photographed and interviewed 100 subjects over the course of the year, ranging from scientists, porn-stars, cake makers, chicken breeders, taxidermists, cos-players, health professionals, performers, artists, actors and craft beer connoisseurs. The series entailed a one-on-one session where each person was asked to bring along objects they felt represented who they are. Each subject was captured in Hall’s signature photographic style, and then sat down for a cup of tea with Morgan to discuss their creative practice, philosophies and personal stories.

WHAT: Exhibition
WHEN: 6-9pm
WHERE: 107 Projects, Redfern
HOW MUCH: Free RSVP, more info

Magnitude of Dissonance

‘Magnitude of Dissonance’ is a collection of paintings and drawings that explore the peculiarities of being raised between two faiths, Catholicism as a religious identity and Hinduism as a cultural identity. The works distort and combine familiar religious iconography, questioning the role of aesthetic experience in our perception and understanding of the divine. For one night only.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 6-9pm
WHERE: Goodspace Gallery, Chippendale
HOW MUCH: Free, more info


Menthe is a ‘coming-out’ of Makeda Zucco’s cultural disconnect. An installation that examines themes relating to her Caribbean heritage, globalisation, memory and trauma –
1. The ‘happy islands’ slant of the Caribbean in the global market place;
2. A lolly she ate as a child, the geographic isolation of Australia and the Caribbean from ‘the rest of the world’, the role this plays in international trade;
3. The shelving of private thought and experience, and whether as a brown person – this is a symptom of colonization. The personal affect of public (corporate/government) decisions
‘Stay sweet and global’ cooed a forgotten sentiment emblazoned on a lolly wrapper.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Down Under Space, Chippendale
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Thursday 19th October

October at Verge: To pierce, to puncture & Turtle Dove

To pierce, to puncture is a solo exhibition of works by Anna Dunnill focusing on the transformation of self in relation to the ritual. Through the repeated action of marking the skin and surface, she hope’s to enact new rituals for queer spiritual becoming. To pierce, to puncture is a highly personal, intimate exploration of oneself and an attempt to reconcile those conflicting parts of ourselves. The exhibition Turtle Dove, organised by artist Nicholas Kleindienst, argues for obstructive ambiguities, for confusing displayed object with display support. Presenting the works of artists David Borg, Dominic Sargent and Augusta Vinall Richardson, Turtle Dove considers the politics of images, revealing potentials for the destabilisation and conflation of display models that exist within documentation.

WHAT: Exhibition Openings
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Verge Gallery USYD, Darlington
HOW MUCH: Free, more info


Interlude invites you to the opening of our upcoming exhibition ‘Interiors’ by Georgia Emslie. Georgia is concerned with representations of the female body and form within medical discourse. She recontextualises endoscopic imagery to explore the dynamic of power exercised by the medical institution. In Interiors, amorphous sculptural forms and drawings are offered for our own visual consumption, in order to highlight the ways in which the female body exists as a static object under the scientific gaze.

WHAT: Art Exhibition
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Interlude Gallery, Glebe
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Liveworks 2017: Tree of Knowledge

Acclaimed Indigenous artist Christian Thompson presents Tree of Knowledge: a rich solo performance that transforms dreams, memories and aspirations into surreal gestures, invoking a world where tradition, pop culture and media continually collide. Bringing together song, spoken word, sculpture, video and movement, Tree of Knowledge draws on Thompson’s own personal biography as well as a wide palette of references—from pop music to contemporary art and cultural practices.

WHAT: Liveworks Festival Exhibition
WHEN: 7:30pm
WHERE: Carriageworks, Eveleigh
HOW MUCH: $25-35, more info

Friday 20th October

Man and the Moon

Through nature and personal tales, Madi Luschwitz creates a narrative in which her subjects are glorified and the boundaries of reality and imagination become intertwined. Inspired by the Australian landscape and Ancient mythology. The contrasting nature between cultures and religions that ultimately connect us with something larger than ourselves. She uses paint, thread and collage to explore this textural and layered state of mind. The colour and dot making is an ode to the old, the indigenous, the fauvists and the impressionists. To all who are bold enough to see the world through their own tale of creation. Moon Man is a universal being. It is our dog, our mother, the bush or a skyscraper, It is the quiet space in which we sit and contemplate our purpose on this earth.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: 6-9pm
WHERE: M2 Gallery, Surry Hills
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Sydney International Women's Poetry & Arts Festival

The Annual Sydney Women’s Poetry and Arts Festival provides a political and poetic platform to foster cultural diversity, build networks for social justice and develop partnerships within the arts. The event supports female poets and writers whose work explores peace, feminism, gender equality and cross-cultural understanding with a focus on ending violence against women and upholding universal human rights.

WHAT: Festival
WHEN: 4-6:30pm
WHERE: Parliament of NSW, Sydney
HOW MUCH: $20, more info

Saturday 21st October

Liveworks 2017: Agatha Gothe-Snape with Anneke Jaspers

Join Anneke Jaspers (Curator, Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales) in conversation with Agatha Gothe-Snape to discuss the creation of Gothe-Snape’s ambitious performance Rhetorical Chorus. Themes of collaborative practice, circulation and consumption of knowledge, and the rhetoric surrounding the ‘male genius’ trope in contemporary art all form part of Rhetorical Chorus, providing rich foundations for discussion. Agatha Gothe-Snape is represented by The Commercial, Sydney

WHAT: Liveworks Festival Talk Event
WHEN: 12:30pm
WHERE: Carriageworks, Eveleigh
HOW MUCH: Free RSVP, more info

William Street Festival 2017

A street well known for its array of high quality boutiques, bars and eateries, William Street contains many hidden fashion gems. The festival aims to help promote the culture that abounds on this beloved street, and showcases the diverse and brilliant best our community has to offer with one day of shopping extravaganza. A fun-filled day of delicious food, shopping and live entertainment. Take a stroll and check out the amazing outdoor activations and special offers. Grab a drink and enjoy some fantastic food in this iconic Paddington shopping street, home of unique fashion, designer flagship stores, jewellery boutiques, pubs, cafes, hair and beauty salons.

WHAT: Festival
WHEN: 11:30am-10pm
WHERE: William St, Paddingtom
HOW MUCH: Free, more info

Liveworks 2017: Lz Dunn with Annamarie Jagose

Professor Annamarie Jagose is Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at the University of Sydney, and is internationally renowned as a scholar in feminist studies, lesbian/gay studies and queer theory. Join Professor Annamarie Jagose in conversation with Aeon lead artist Lz Dunn, thinking queerly about politics and pleasure, nature and collectivity, agency and ethics.

WHAT: Liveworks Festival Talk Event
WHEN: 2:30-3:30pm
WHERE: Carriageworks, Eveleigh
HOW MUCH: Free RSVP, more info

The Woman Speaks

Artist Aanisa Vylet will share her personal story in order to open an important conversation with other women about their stories. Together with director Dino Dimitriadis from Apocalypse Theatre Company, Aanisa will present the Woman followed by the forum: The Woman speaks. The Woman is Aanisa’s second play and it is a story about her mother. Both liars, both friends and polite feminists migrating to other countries to live the life they imagined for themselves. The woman takes you on a racy red ride into the freedom women seek in their lives. With free rose tea and baklava, come and enjoy a safe and open discussion to support female artists living in Western Sydney.

WHAT: Theatre Production
WHEN: 7:30-8:30pm
WHERE: Bankstown Arts Centre, Bankstown
HOW MUCH: $5, more info

Sunday 22nd October

Two Up - Basic Income & Nature in Australian National Identity

Two Up is a monthly talk series that combines two seemingly unrelated topics in a series of back to back lectures. After two short lectures the floor gets opened up to an impulsive round of questioning that encourages interactions between speakers and ideas. An open space for inquisitive minds. This round of Two Up see’s two academics go back to back. Troy Henderson will be speaking about Basic Income as a policy option for Australian’s and Harriet Ampt will discuss the role of nature in Australian identity.

WHAT: Talk Series
WHEN: 6-8pm
WHERE: Cake Wines Cellar Door, Redfern
HOW MUCH: $10, more info

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