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August 9th 2015




Tuesday 11th



Western Sydney Art encapsulated

Western Sydney has a huge rep for being home to some of the best emerging artists around town. This exhibition of artists at all stages of their career and their personal expression of our west. The line up itself is cause for celebration including much loved names including David Capra, Jodie Whalen and Zanny Begg.

WHAT: All Station To
WHEN: 5 – 7 pm
WHERE: Kudos Gallery

Everybody… needs somebody

It’s another week of stellar week for the Golden Age of Cinema. For cheep Tuesday they are serving up the best brothers in town! For the rest of the week they are running the best of the film festival films that you might have missed, see Brian Wilson and Amy in a whole knew light in their respective biopics. It’s simply golden.

WHAT: Blues Brothers
WHEN: 6pm – 8.30 pm
WHERE: Golden Age Cinema

Wednesday 12th

In the Sands of Babylon, film still, 2013

In the Sands of Babylon, film still, 2013


Film makers unite

Yulli’s vegetarian restaurant in Surry Hills is home to an inaugural production meeting for anyone trying to get an project or idea off the group. For all the directors, actors and boom operators out there come meet your future favourite people.

WHAT: Kino Creates
WHEN: 6.30 – 7.30 pm
WHERE: Yulli’s, Surry Hill

– –

Arab Film Festival

Four days, eleven stories from across the Arab world. Exploring what the director of the festival calls, “exciting and volatile times”. These films cross physical boarders and push ideological barriers.

Arab Film Festival
WHEN: 13th – 16th August
WHERE: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
HOW MUCH: $15 – $20

Thursday 13th


 A Festival of Science!

As far as I am concerned scientists don’t get enough credit! We have them to that for the myriad of things we take for granted: gravity, electricity and penicillin, so hats off to them all. This week, the Sydney Science festival its a time to give them their fair share of glory. There are talks and events covering everything from your body to outerspace. Also Dr. Karl will be there!

WHAT: Sydney Science Festival
WHEN: 13th – 23rd August
WHERE: Museum of Arts and Applied Sciences (formally known as the Powerhouse Museum)
HOW MUCH: $15 – $20

– –

MAASIVE Late nights!

As part of the Sydney Science Festival the museum formally known as the Powerhouse Museum will be staying up late with you for some hands on fun times and scientific performances.

WHAT: MAASive Late Nights
WHEN: 6 – 8pm
WHERE: Museum of Arts and Applied Sciences (formally known as the Powerhouse Museum)

– –

Art on the Verge

Verge gallery is bringing together a collection that explores the ‘Seriality in Photography’. Including big names such as Bill Henson as well as other internal works. The program will also include a series of public programs. A personal favourite is the Burn Before Reading. Inspired by the film The Day After Tomorrow, they will discuss the implications collective written knowledge on a post apocalyptic world.

WHAT: Sydney University Art Collection Exhibition
WHEN: Opening 6 – 8 pm, exhibition closes 5 September
WHERE: Verge Gallery


Arab Film Festival

The 12th year of the Arab Film Festival will take you on a journey around the globe – from the streets of the West Bank to the Arabian Desert. The vibrant program attempts to address the misrepresentation of the Arab culture — all while offering entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking viewing experiences.

WHAT: Arab Film Festival
WHEN: Starts Thursday 13th August, 8pm – festival finishes Sunday
WHERE: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
HOW MUCHStart from $15 


Friday 14th



Dance Social is part of DANCENDENTS, a new dance program of performances, masterclasses and events. Co-produced by PACT centre for emerging artists and ReadyMade Works. Put on your dancing shoes and be part of the part dance-hall, part disco, part performance — a joyous way to share some moves, a drink or two and of course an invitation to lets dance!!

WHAT: Dancendents: Dance Social
WHEN: 6.30 – 8.30pm
WHERE: Level 1, 247–257 Bulwara Rd, Ultimo, New South Wales 2008

– –

Cold Weather Hunting Lodge

Cold Weather Hunting Lodge will be the first of it’s kind, blurring the boundaries between carefully curated fine art market and festival of emerging artists. At it’s heart, the Lodge is a celebration of art that’s current, engaging and high quality.

WHAT: New emerging artist fair
WHEN: 5 – 9 pm
WHERE: 107 Projects, Redfern

– –

Cosmic Love Wonder Lust

Cosmic Love Wonder Lust brings together the artists of Imperial Slacks, an artist run collective formed in 2000. Cosmic Love Wonder Lust is a clash of past and present, but what is extraordinary is that the work produced at the time is still relevant, more than ever before. Curated by local legend Michael Dagostino.

WHAT: Cosmic Love Wonder Lust
WHEN: 6 pm
WHERE: Campbelltown Arts Centre

Sunday 16th

Grafiti Jam

The Lord Gladstone holds weekly Sunday sessions of street art. This week Phibs and Peque & Friends will be ‘painting the town red’ while Joyride, Nacho Pop, Klsik1 and Jaytee Hazard provide the soundtrack. Ain’t no better way to spend a Sunday.
WHAT: Sunday Walls
WHEN: 2 – 10 pm
WHERE: The Lord Gladstone, Chippendale




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