Culture Guide 3-9 June

June 2nd 2019
Monday 3 June

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Tennessee Williams’ classic play is set on a steamy night in the Mississippi Delta. It’s Big Daddy’s birthday. He’s built his family an empire of 12,000 acres, but that won’t help him beat cancer. Brick, the favourite son, is a golden boy drinking himself into oblivion, while his wife Maggie claws at him for a moment of affection. All the while, lies are rife and the family’s future is at stake.

WHAT: Play
WHEN: Monday 3 June, 6:30-9:10pm
WHERE: Sydney Theatre Company
HOW MUCH: $83-$124, get tickets here

Reawaken by Brett Anthony Moore

The concept to ‘reawakenʼ is to evoke the senses through colour and form. These four paintings represent experiences of separate emotions. Empathy, a heightened state of awareness, a Meditative state and to slip into the void of consciousness. Each piece calls out to us using abstract imagery, discontinuous space, light and colour to reawaken our senses.

WHAT: Exhibition
WHEN: Monday 3 June, 10am-6pm
WHERE: Gaffa Gallery
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Beyond Refuge: Dialogues

Based on ordinary lives set against extraordinary circumstances, Beyond Refuge: Dialogues is a gentle manifesto for freedom and friendship, and an evocation of the consequences of forced migration. Beyond Refuge is CuriousWorks’ three-year creative development program for artists who seek to change the asylum seeker narrative by defining on their own terms what they would like to say and how they would like to say it. Small film teams led by Ali Al Azeez, Ali Mousawi, Elham BehinAein, Daisy Montalvo and Samia Halabi have developed the artists’ original ideas into five unique video and photo-media works that tell stories of parallel lives, family and time passing.

WHAT: Beyond Refuge: Dialogues
WHEN: 5 May 2019 – 23 Jun 2019
WHERE: Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
HOW MUCH: Free, more info here



Over one tonne of electronic waste is produced globally every second. Consumable plays on the matter of waste and our waste of matter using anamorphic forms to heighten social awareness and recognition of the importance of recycling.

WHAT: Consumable
WHEN:  24 May – 15 Jun, 6pm – 11pm
WHERE: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (enter via Queen Elizabeth II Gates)
HOW MUCH: Free, more info here

Tuesday 4 June

The Making of Ablaze

‘Ablaze’ is a feature documentary in the process of being made that tells the astonishing story of the first Aboriginal filmmaker William Bill Onus

WHAT: Talk and Film Screening
WHEN: Tuesday 4 June, 5:30-8:30pm
WHERE: 79 Myrtle St, Chippendale
HOW MUCH: Free, RSVP here

Symposium: Managing time-based media artworks in collections

Today digital technologies are so embedded in our daily lives that the rapid rate in which they develop often goes unnoticed. What does such intense and ongoing technological change mean for artists and art museums?

WHAT: Symposium
WHEN: Tuesday 4 June, 8:30am-1:30pm
WHERE: Art Gallery of New South Wales
HOW MUCH: $10-$15, get tickets here

How Millennials Will Destroy and Save Us

Featuring a panel of some of Australia’s best and brightest media specialists, this light-hearted and insightful discussion deep-dives into what could happen when millennials will lead our economy and consumer culture, influencing the way we all live. With topics ranging from sustainability, diversity, politics, wellness and ethics, the panel discussion will share insights into what we could expect 2040 to look like as consumers, what we’ll talk about, and what products will fill our homes.

WHAT: How Millennials Will Destroy and Save Us
WHEN: 4th June 11am – 12:30pm
WHERE: Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
HOW MUCH: $12.57, more info here

Wednesday 5 June

Tadoku Reading Nights

Want to read Japanese books besides your textbook? Having trouble finding something entertaining that is also at your current reading skill? Our reading nights are just the starting point you need. Enjoy fun, engaging material for quiet, self reading. All books are graded for difficulty. At the conclusion, there is also a short period for discussion with peers.

WHAT: Reading Night
WHEN: Wednesday 5 June, 6-8pm
WHERE: Japan Foundation
HOW MUCH: Free, RSVP here

June at Firsdraft

Thursday 6 June

Sydney Ideas: Does language control us?

Language is sometimes viewed as a window on the mind, but it is equally a tool, a weapon, or perhaps most accurately: a remote control device. Are we controlled by language? In this event, we bring together a linguist, psychologist, and political thinker to examine the ways in which speaking is more than saying something to people, but actually acting upon them.

WHAT: Panel Discussion
WHEN: Thursday 6 June, 6-7:30pm
WHERE: The University Of Sydney
HOW MUCH: Free, RSVP here

Ainu: Indigenous People of Japan

Hokkaido, Japan has been the home of the indigenous Ainu people of Japan for generations. Due to governmental policies that were implemented in the 1800’s, the Ainu population, along with its culture and traditions has been seeing a gradual decline. Through the stories of four elders, this documentary aims to shed light on Ainu cultural traditions both past and present, and the efforts made to keep Ainu culture alive in Japan.

WHAT: Film Screening
WHEN: Thursday 6 June, 6:30-7:55pm
WHERE: Japan Foundation
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Friday 7 June

Pause by Caitlin Hespe

this exhibition considers the medium of conversation
and these moments of pause
as a subject analogous to the process of drawing and painting
a conversation of forms and space
where and how to put

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Friday 7 June, 6:30-9:30pm
WHERE: The Waiting Room Project
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

The Experiment

A series of nights that mix dance, talks, films, DJs and local history to provide a platform for Sydney’s eclectic eccentrics to tell their stories. Diving into the rich past of East Sydney the series will highlight the struggles, triumphs, revolutions, legends and infamous tales that show that this city is more than meets the eye.

WHAT: Exhibition
WHEN: Friday 7 June, 8-11pm
WHERE: East Sydney Community and Arts Centre
HOW MUCH: $20, get tickets here

Saturday 8 June

Come Together: Yeah the Girls & Bedrock Collective

Bedrock Collective, Yeah The Girls and Merindah Funnell present a day-to-night extravaganza featuring the best in local music, lights, and art, talks, and screenings taking place in the heart of Redfern and celebrating its diverse creative culture.

WHAT: Festival
WHEN: Saturday 8 June, 12-11:45pm
WHERE: 107 Projects
HOW MUCH: Free, RSVP here

Fondue 001

Welcome to the first edition of Fondue – a bimonthly open mic reading event. We invite you to respond to the above artwork by Warren Northover using whatever form and style you choose. Just keep your pieces to no longer than 5 minutes.

WHAT: Open Mic Night
WHEN: Saturday 8 June, 6-9pm
WHERE: 168 Old Canterbury Rd
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Sunday 9 June

Love Serenade

Sibling rivalry is at an all-time high in this riotous award-winning Australian romantic comedy from from Camera d’Or winning director Shirley Barrett and the Oscar® nominated producer of The Piano and Bright Star.

WHAT: Film Screening
WHEN: Saturday 9 June, 2:45-4:30pm
WHERE: Art Gallery of New South Wales
HOW MUCH: $13-$21, get tickets here

Waiting! A Comedy of Errors and Expectations

Giving birth is meant to be a personal journey, measured by months and fraught with all manner of challenges along the way. Waiting captures the essence of impending motherhood, exploring the trials, tribulations and social expectations!

WHAT: Film Screening
WHEN: Sunday 9 June, 10:15am-11:45pm
WHERE: Art Gallery of New South Wales
HOW MUCH: $14-$21, get tickets here

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