Culture Guide 29 Apr – 5 May

April 28th 2019
Monday 29 April

Contact Improvisation

Join me for a small introduction to some fundamental principles of Contact Improvisation. We will look at the point of contact, pouring of weight, cultivating presence, locating our (and our partners’) centre, and the way spiralling adds dynamism to the interaction.

WHAT: Workshop
WHEN: Monday 29 April, 5:30-7pm
WHERE: Lentil As Anything
HOW MUCH: $5-$15, tickets on the door. More details here


Wanna learn how to wine like a pro? COMMUNE’s new weekly dance class is an explosive lesson in dancehall! Join famed French dancer Ama Ryllis as she takes you on a journey through Afro-Caribbean dance grooves centred on body movement and party vibes.

WHAT: Dance workshop
WHEN: Monday 29 April, 6-6:45pm
HOW MUCH: $10, get tickets here

Tuesday 30 April

Bankstown Poetry Slam x Sydney Writers Festival: April Slam ft wāne le Frère

Bankstown Poetry Slam is Australia’s largest and most loved spoken word poetry event. Get ready to click your fingers for a night filled with slam poetry guaranteed to uplift, challenge and move you. Western Sydney’s best spoken word artists will ignite the stage with fast rhymes and poetic beats that will leave you raving about Bankstown.

WHAT: Poetry Slam
WHEN: Tuesday 29 April, 6:45-9pm
WHERE: Bankstown Arts Centre
HOW MUCH: $5, get tickets here

States and Senses

States and Senses is an interdisciplinary exhibition exploring intense emotional states that often lie hidden and unspoken—such as grief, rage, loss, fear and vulnerability.

WHAT: Exhibition opening
WHEN: Tuesday 29 April, 5-8pm
WHERE: Kudos Gallery
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Wednesday 1 May

Making Space III: Launching the Ocean

Join us for final event in the Making Space series as we ‘Launch the Ocean’ with the release of two new books: Coral Empire: Underwater Oceans, Colonial Tropics, Visual Modernity by Ann Elias and The Aesthetics of the Undersea, coedited by Killian Quigley and Margaret Cohen.

WHAT: Sound art
WHEN: Wednesday 1 May, 6-8pm
WHERE: 107 Projects
HOW MUCH: Free, RSVP here

Aeden Lee/The Cube

Aedan Lee’s practice bridges painting, drawing and sculpture, using elements of abstraction in a refined colour palette. Working predominantly with repurposed industrial supplies such as meshes, tread plate and perforated steel, Lee renders geometric patterned surfaces onto his materials to create hybrid experimental forms which are greatly informed by the utilitarian aesthetics of public space.

WHAT: Exhibition opening
WHEN: Wednesday 1 May, 6-9pm
WHERE: The Cube
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Thursday 2 May


Ground-breaking Australian visual artist Tracey Moffatt brings us three tales of the supernatural and very human in BEDEVIL (1993). Shot in Moffatt’s signature hyper-imaginary style, BeDevil explores both cultural and personal folklore traditions through a ghost story anthology that is utterly unique.

WHAT: Film screening
WHEN: Thursday 2 May, 7-10pm
WHERE: Pink Flamingo Cinema
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

On Critical Design History

This keynote lecture, delivered by Matthew Kiem, is the first in a new series of talks at UNSW Galleries exploring politics and power in contemporary design.

WHAT: Lecture
WHEN: Thursday 2 May, 5-6pm
WHERE: UNSW Art & Design
HOW MUCH: Free, RSVP here

Friday 3 May

Asad Raza in conversation with Professor Alex Bratney

As we confront a world that reaches the limit of its material resources, can art and science afford to continue operating as autonomous disciplines? Is collaboration the key to developing more holistic and sustainable systems?

WHAT: Panel discussion
WHEN: Friday 2 May, 6-7pm
WHERE: Carriageworks
HOW MUCH: Free, RSVP here

Guest Lecture: Dr. Jow Jiun Gong

In this talk, Dr. Jow Jiun Gong, Associate Professor and Director of the PhD program in Art Theory and Practice at Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA), will take his curatorial practice and field work on contemporary art in Taiwan as starting points to discuss ethnographic positions in contemporary curation.

WHAT: Lecture
WHEN: Friday 3 May, 5:30-7pm
WHERE: UNSW Galleries
HOW MUCH: Free, RSVP here

Saturday 4 May

Congee Breakfast Tour: By All Estimates

Come aboard for a typical Chinatown breakfast at a much-loved local eatery with By All Estimates exhibiting artist Jessica Bradford and exhibition curator Pedro de Almeida, followed by a walk through of the exhibition and discussion of some of the stories and ideas behind the artists’ works.

WHAT: Meal & Art Discussion
WHEN: Saturday 4 May, 10am-12:30pm
WHERE: 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
HOW MUCH: $25, get tickets here

PACT Salon: Dark and Lite

We invite you to take our lead, exploring how our eyes and perspectives readjust and locating the sometimes obscure lines that connect the literal with the metaphorical. Artists present aural, dance and installation works to a roaming audience in the dark, and then again in the light.

WHAT: Exhibition
WHEN: Saturday 4 May, 6-10pm
HOW MUCH: $15, get tickets here

Sunday 5 May

MCA Zine Fair

Showcasing over 100 creators of zines, small press and comics from across the country, the festival also includes a stellar line-up of talks and creative workshops for all ages.

WHAT: Zine Fair
WHEN: Sunday 5 May, 10:30am-4:30pm
WHERE: Museum of Contemporary Art
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Project 34: Asad Raza - Opening Weekend

Developed in consultation with biologists and environmental scientists, Raza’s Absorption will comprise an installation with organic elements that will mediate interactions in the space

WHAT: Exhibition
WHEN: Sunday 5 May, 10 am
WHERE: Carriageworks
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

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