Culture Guide: 2 March – 8 March

March 4th 2020
Monday 2 March

Land of Possibility

“My process for creating these artworks emerged from a desire to draw on my kinaesthetic relationship with colour and music. I like to let music inform how I apply the paint and it’s usually the rhythm and beat that inspires how I lay it down.” – Nic Palmer

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Monday 2 March, 3pm
WHERE: 114 George St, Redfern
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Fantastic Trivia

Fantastic Film Festival prevents a trivia night at the Ritz! With a stellar lineup of films continuing until March 20, here you can put your knowledge to the test.

WHAT: Film Trivia
WHEN: Monday 2 March, 7:30-9:30pm
WHERE: Ritz Cinemas
HOW MUCH: Not advertised, more details here

Tuesday 3 March

TV Talks: Celebrating Women

To celebrate International Women’s Day, TV Talks hosts three incredibly impressive, creative women to discuss their work, their mentors, gender diversity, #metoo, and how to future-proof your career in the Australian screen industry. The panel will be moderated by Anita Jacoby AM.

WHAT: Talk
WHEN: Tuesday 3 March ,6:30-8:30pm
WHERE: Australian Film Television and Radio School
HOW MUCH: Free, RSVP here

Held: Curated by Jack de Lacy

Curated by Jack De Lacy, featuring Serwah Gyekyewah Attafuah, Angus McGrath, Nolan Ho Wung Murphy, Naomi Segal, Jesse Rye and Steph Liakos. Touch can be defined as; to ‘come into contact with,’ to ‘handle’ or to ‘produce feelings of affection.’ Touching is both an affective and a material practice. Emotion, coming-into-contact, feeling, really feeling, seem to place subjectivity and embodiment as two sides of the same coin; the body becomes a dynamic, involved set of feelings. Importantly when thinking about bodies, touch is transactional, they touch as they themselves are touched upon.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Tuesday 3 March, 6-8pm
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Wednesday 4 March

March at Firstdraft

Gallery 1: From Me To You: Monisha Chippada, Beryl La, Judith Martinez Estrada, James Nguyen, Laura Peacock, Shahmen Suku, curated by Loc Nguyen
Gallery 2: White Gilt 2.0: Nathan Beard
Gallery 3: Kalunga: Under the Sea: Paula do Prado & Tomas Marinangeli
Gallery 4: Make It Darker: Jodi Woodward

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Wednesday 4 March, 6-8pm
WHERE: Firstdraft
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Wouter Van De Voorde: STORM

We are back from our little in February with STORM by Wouter Van De Vorde. Pull up a milk crate and join us on the corner. We have a mix that has been put together to accompany the work by Hei Zhi Ma 黑芝麻

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Wednesday 4 March, 6-8pm
WHERE: 82A Angel St, Newtown
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Thursday 5 March

Jamie Susskind: Democracy in the Digital Age

In his ground-breaking analysis, Future Politics: Living Together in a World Transformed by Tech, Susskind calls for a fundamental change in the way we think about politics in the digital age. Reminding us of the very real ability of digital technology to shape the way we think, feel and behave, Susskind puts forward a clear warning: those who control these technologies will increasingly control us all.

WHAT: Talk
WHEN: Thursday 5 March, 6:30-7:30pm
HOW MUCH: Free, RSVP here

Truth, Justice & The Redfern Way

Get ready for a huge night of laughs when Sydney’s hottest comedians stand up for social justice at Giant Dwarf Theatre on Thursday 5 March. All funds raised will support Redfern Legal Centre, ensuring that urgently-needed legal help remains accessible and free. This is the third year Redfern Legal Centre has teamed up with Giant Dwarf to present a diverse line up of Sydney’s best stand up acts.
WHAT: Comedy Fundraiser
WHEN: Thursday 5 March, 7:30-10pm
WHERE: Giant Dwarf Theatre
HOW MUCH: $40-$70, get tickets here

Friday 6 March

Fiona Hall: Afraid Cascade

One of Australia’s most prominent artists, Hall is best known for extraordinary works that transform quotidian materials into vital organic forms with both historical and contemporary relevance. Hall works across a broad range of mediums including photography, painting, sculpture, moving image and installation, often employing forms of museological display. Hall’s sculptures are characterised by their intricate construction and thematic resonance with systems of classification, issues of environmentalism and globalisation, war and conflict.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Friday 6 March, 6-8pm
WHERE: Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Emma Finneran, Tom Polo and Campbell Patterson: Contact Us

Moving mouths, darting eyes, cursory handshakes; each gesture is a way we connect in silent contract. Contact Us invites Emma Finneran, Tom Polo and Campbell Patterson to trace these and other ethereal and tangible actions through video, installation and painting.

WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Friday 6 March, 6-8pm
WHERE: Cement Fondu
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Saturday 7 March

9 Degrees

A day of market stalls of original and creative handmade climbing related products from emerging and contemporary designers, artists and makers.

WHAT: Market
WHEN: Saturday 7 March, 9am-2pm
WHERE: 9 Degrees Alexandria
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Fraser Anderson: Swami’s Gremlin Retreat

‘I heard this story of a self-proclaimed Swami, who moved to the Colo to create his ideal utopia. He lost it one night at some kids having a party across the river. He sat in his round structure, furiously typing a six-page essay; about how they had no respect. Printed the essay six times. And, as the sun came up, he sailed across the river in his dugout canoe, dressed only in an orange loin cloth, waving a chain saw in the kid’s faces and handing out his thesis. He was an inside out human. A slug species like an underwater death metal song, a poodle with a shameful haircut’.
WHAT: Exhibition Opening
WHEN: Saturday 7 March, 6-8pm
WHERE: Darren Knight Gallery
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

Sunday 8 March

All About Women

Designed to make you think and push your boundaries, all about women is a vibrant festival that asks questions about gender, justice and equality.

WHAT: Festival
WHEN: Sunday 8 March
WHERE: Sydney Opera House
HOW MUCH: Various, book tickets here


Preparing for my wee tour of NZ I’d like to preview Lamentation (my cantata about dispossession) in Sydney. No charge, but any Koha/donation towards the Tour would be gratefully accepted.
This will be a ‘relaxed’ performance but sadly the Alpha Gallery has very poor access. If you have specific requirements please PM me and I’ll see what can be arranged.

WHAT: Concert
WHEN: Sunday 8 March, 6:30-8pm
WHERE: Alpha Gallery
HOW MUCH: Free, more details here

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