Cold War Kids interview: their decade-long career & supporting Bernie Sanders

March 30th 2016


  • Cold War Kids :: Interview with Jayne Cheeseman


Nathan Willett of Cold War Kids dropped by to chat with Jayne Cheeseman about the band’s decade-long career, how they have evolved since their starting days and their support for Bernie Sanders in the upcoming US presidential election.

Willett spoke about the differences of touring from the early days when Cold War Kids was just starting out to now.

“When you’re younger it’s really exciting, but it’s like, “Is this my job or just something we’re doing that’s not going to last?” It’s music, you can’t really plan on it lasting forever, you just kind of have to see what happens… and here we are, ten years later.”

Having played at a Bernie Sanders rally in Nevada last month, Willett explained where his support for the progressive candidate stems from.

“I actually have a background where I went to school doing a teaching credential program. So for me, looking at it through that lens of education and just generally my exposure seeing how bad schools are and how little support they get, and how dismal and how much people accept it as normal in the US to have terrible schools… right next to really good ones. There is a lot of inequality there. I just think the idea of what he is aspiring to do with education alone is really ambitious, and so simple in a way, it’s what everyone deserves. But it’s also really radical.”

Willett also revealed that the band are in the process of working on new material for their sixth studio album, so if you’re a fan, be sure to keep an ear out for some new Cold War Kids tunes.


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