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September 23rd 2019

Charli XCX

Charli XCX, aka the self-professed saviour of pop, once again blessed Arvos with her presence to dive deep into her brand new record Charli – a recent FBi Radio feature album.

The new record sees Charli simultaneously at her most vulnerable and her most turbo – the stream-of-consciousness tenderness of ‘Thoughts’ at odds with the abrasive hype of ‘Click’. This duality could very well be the millennial condition, and it’s certainly part of what makes her so relatable to a generation of workaholics who don’t know how to turn off.

“I think for me partying is the one time where’s there’s not that kind of voice in my head – it’s just white noise. It’s the one time I’m in the moment. I’ve got a lot of trouble being present, and when I party, I’m present.”

Charli boasts appearances from Yaeji, Lizzo and HAIM to name but a few. Plus, in this interview Charli guest programs tracks from two longtime collaborators, Kim Petras and Tommy Cash, who both get a look in on the record too. Having worked with a range of incredible, diverse artists, Charli reveals her golden rule for successful collaboration.

“No ego is key, I think. Being able to read the room is really important, in any type of collaboration in life, really. Just being able to make sure people feel good and comfortable to express themselves, you know?”

Charli and her clique are part of a new guard in pop music, tirelessly challenging the status quo with each new release. While those constant strides forward are something she thrives on, given the chance, what would she change about pop?

“I like being an outsider, in some ways. I’m kind of in the gang, but I’m also not and I enjoy the tension that that holds… I don’t know what I would change. I actually feel like pop is in a pretty good place.”

Watch the whole interview below to hear your number 1 angel gush about Chris of Christine and the Queens, open up about what success means to her, and pronounce the hardest track off her 2017 mixtape Pop 2 dead in the wake of the biggest banger on Charli.

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