Challenging the patriarchy: Jenny Hval talks apocalypse and sin-spiration

January 21st 2016


  • Charlotte Meldrum-Hanna :: Interview with Jenny Hval

“It’s a warm apocalypse, a sort of knitted apocalypse… the apocalypse of the mall, those sanitary pad ads where the blood is blue.”

Experimental Norwegian singer-songwriter Jenny Hval is back in town for Sydney Festival and comes bearing stories from her latest album, Apocalypse, girl. She sat down with Charlotte Meldrum-Hanna on Arvos for a wide-ranging philosophical discussion – running from her childhood in Christian-dominated Oslo to challenging the authority of a capitalist-dominated patriarchy.

Known for the powerful themes of gender and sexuality that flow through her music, Jenny speaks frankly about influences from her upbringing and the politics of counter-culture.

“I moved away from Norway partly because I didn’t have any sort of inspiration there at all.”

Listen to their chat for a few pointers on finding your own inspiration.


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