Catch of the Day: Fishing’s New Video Clip

February 17th 2011

Fishing is wet. The band, that is, not the boring watersport. It’s a rainy morning in Newtown and one half of the band, Doug Wright, swam here on his bike. In his backpack are a bunch of CDs which he proceeds to address by hand for posting. He worries the CDs got wet in his soggy backpack. Fishing’s other half, Russell Fitzgibbon reasons that it’s OK if they got sprayed; it fits with the Fishing motif.

This is typically sweet behavior from these friends and bandmates. They help each other answer questions and finish each other’s sentences. They are quick to lend a hand. And I am quick to use that clumsy segway to segue into discussion of Fishing’s new video clip for OOOO.

 It is full of hands. Russell’s big, freckly, clapping hands. Produced by Bernadette Murray, the clip cheerfully matches the glitchy, sunny sounds of this debut single. The song makes me think of a poolside  computer happily short-circuiting from a spilled cocktail, and the trippy clip enhances that scene.

The boys are psyched about the release, and happy to share the clip’s story of evolution. They explain their crush on found-footage fanatic Jamie Harley and the inspiration they drew from his stop-motion and animation work. They were also happy to borrow from other musical genres to trick up their indie pop aesthetic. “Bernie normally produces hip-hop material,” Doug says of their champion producer, adding that he is stoked about the mash-up of influences she brings.

Russell also mentions that Bernie used to moonlight as a video archivist, so was able to source lots of sweet vintage footage. The retro clips visually parallel their sample heavy sound.

OOOO – Fishing from FISHING on Vimeo.


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